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Random Hadeeths:

كتاب : Hadeeth No:1748 : Ibn 'Abbas:
When the Prophet returned after performing his Hajj, he asked Um Sinan Al-Ansari, "What did forbid you to perform Hajj?" She replied, "Father of so-and-so (i.e. her husband) had two camels and he performed Hajj on one of them, and the second is used for the irrigation of our ...

كتاب التفسير : Hadeeth No:4365 : 'Urwa bin Az-Zubair:
That when he asked 'Aisha about the statement of Allah "Until when the Apostles gave up hope (of their people)." (12.110) she told him (its meaning), 'Urwa added, "I said, 'Did they (Apostles) suspect that they were betrayed (by Allah) or that they were treated as liars by (their ...

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