Muslim-Christian Dialogue
The Correct Reply to the One Who Distorted the Religion of the Messiah
Al-Jawab as-Sahih : Part 1 : Reason For Writing the Work
The introduction to the monumental work that is every missionary's worst nightmare. Reasons for the writing of this work and a summar of the arguments adduced by the Christians
Al-Jawab as-Sahih : Part 2 : The Nature of Prophethood
Discussing the reality of the argument of the Christians that Muhammad was not sent to them but only to the Pagan Arabs, and its contradictory nature.
Al-Jawab as-Sahih : Part 3 : The Qur'an on the Universality of Muhammad's Prophethood
Refuting the claim of the Missionary that Muhammad's call was exclusive to the Arabs and highlighting the contradictory mode of argument.

Prophet Muhammad in the Bible
Prophet Muhammad in the Bible: Introduction
Introductory notes on the Muslim position towards the text of the Bible and views concerning Christian interpretations.
Prophet Muhammad in the Bible: Moses Foretells the Coming of Muhammad
A look at the various passages in Deuteronomy in which Moses makes reference to a future prophet, the descriptions of whom fit Muhammad perfectly.
Prophet Muhammad in the Bible: Three Distinct Prophecies in the Gospel and the Vision of Isiah
In the gospel it is evident that the Jews were waiting for three distinct Prophets, and the vision of Isiah explains the incident of the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad.
Prophet Muhammad in the Bible: The Emigration, Muhammad's Truthfulness, and the Tribes of Arabia
References to the Hijrah (emigration of the Prophet), the Prophets truthfulness, and Isiah making reference to the lands and tribes of Arabia.
Prophet Muhammad in the Bible: Moses, Jesus and Muhammad
Reference in Deuteronomy to the three Prophets, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, by mention of the places of their emergence.
Prophet Muhammad in the Bible: Muhammad Mentioned by Name in Song of Solomon
The most explicit reference yet to the actual name of Muhammad in the Bible - one of the clear proofs that the Jews and Christians were expecting another Prophet after Jesus.
Prophet Muhammad in the Bible: The Ahmad of All Nations
A look at Haggai 2:7 which makes mention of the Himdah of all Nations - a reference to Ahmad, one of the names of Muhammad.

About the Bible
The Christian New Testament
A look at the claim of authenticity for the New Testament and a review of New Testament manuscripts.
Who Owns the Old Testament?
A look at the way fundamental inconsistencies between the Old and New Testaments were treated.
Unfulfilled Prophecies About Jesus' Birth
An analysis of four prophecies described in the Gospel of Mark and their interpretation.

On the Missionaries
Missionary Christianity - A Muslim's Analysis
Supplying the missing information, clarifying the vagueness, and finishing the incomplete thoughts of the missionary Christian
Christian Missionary Treatment of Islaam
The systematic and calculated use of falsehood is a fundamental principle of Christian Missionary activity.

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