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Random Hadeeths:

كتاب : Hadeeth No:1754 : Anas:
The Prophet came to Medina and ordered a mosque to be built and said, "O Bani Najjar! Suggest to me the price (of your land)." They said, "We do not want its price except from Allah" (i.e. they wished for a reward from Allah for giving up their land freely). So, the Prophet ...

كتاب السلم : Hadeeth No:2109 : Muhammad bin Al-Majalid:
Abdullah bin Shaddad and Abu Burda sent me to 'Abdullah bin Abi Aufa and told me to ask 'Abdullah whether the people in the life-time of the Prophet used to pay in advance for wheat (to be delivered later). Abdullah replied, "We used to pay in advance to the peasants of Sham ...

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