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Random Hadeeths:

ßÊÇÈ ÇáÍíá : Hadeeth No:6536 : Abu Rafi':
The Prophet said, "The neighbor has more right to be taken care of by his neighbor (than anyone else)." Some men said, "If one wants to buy a house for 20,000 Dirhams then there is no harm to play a trick to deprive somebody of preemption by buying it (just on paper) with ...

ßÊÇÈ ÝÖÇÆá ÇáÞÑÂä : Hadeeth No:4673 : Qatada:
I asked Anas bin Malik: "Who collected the Qur'an at the time of the Prophet ?" He replied, "Four, all of whom were from the Ansar: Ubai bin Ka'b, Mu'adh bin Jabal, Zaid bin Thabit and Abu Zaid."...

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