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  Ibadah (66 Articles)
The Acts of Worship in Light of the Prophetic Sunnah

Shaikh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullaah) said, "Ibadah is a collective term for everything that Allaah loves and is pleased with from amongst sayings and inward and outward actions.

He also said, "Ibadah is obedience to Allaah by carrying out what He has commanded through tongues of His Messengers.

Fudayl ibn Ayyaad, a taabi'ee, said regarding the verse {...that He may test you, which of you is best in deeds...} [11:7], "The most sincere and the most correct" so those who were around him said "And what is the most sincere and the most correct?" He replied "Action, if it is correct but not sincere will not be accepted and action, if it is sincere but not correct will not be accepted until it is both sincere and correct. Sincere means that nothing but the Face of Allaah is sought and correct means that it is in conformity with the Sunnah."

Adhaan & the Call to Prayer (1)
The section deals with ahadeeth and rulings related to the Adhaan.
The Foundations of Ibadah (6)
An introduction to the meaning of Ibadah, its characteristics and conditions.
Ritual Purification (2)
Dealing with Wudoo, Ghusl, Tayammum and Women's Menses.
Things That Oppose Physical Purity (0)
A look at some issues related to physical cleanliness that Muslims often neglect.
A Description of the Prophet's Prayer (4)
A detailed analysis of how the Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) used to perform Salat (Prayer) and related matters.
General Issues Pertaining to the Prayer (12)
A discussion of the Prayer in general, the sutrah, times of prayer and the aadhaan.
Khushoo` and Beautification of the Prayer (10)
Guidelines from the Book and the Sunnah to help you improve the quality of the performance of your prayers.
Common Errors in Prayer (0)
A detailed treatment of the many errors and mistakes that are made during the performance of prayer.
Congregational and Other Prayers (1)
A discussion of the Jumu'ah, Eid, Funeral, Tahajjud and other prayers.
Concerning Fasting (16)
A discussion of fasting in Ramadan and the voluntary fasting.
Fataawaa on Fasting (2)
Legal rulings from the Scholars on issues pertaining to the fiqh of fasting.
Hajj and Umrah (7)
How to perform Hajj and Umrah in light of the Book and Sunnah.
Fataawaa on Hajj and Umrah (0)
Legal rulings of the Ulamaa on issues pertaining to Hajj and Umrah.
Concerning Zakaat (0)
A discussion of the obligatory alms and related issues.
Fataawaa on Zakaat (0)
Legal rulings from the Scholars on issues pertaining to Zakaat.
Celebrations in Islaam (2)
A look at the various Islamic celebrations, their importance and their relationship to differing from the disbelievers.
Du`a (Supplication) (1)
A detailed treatment on the subject of Du`a with the authentic supplications of the Messenger () and the conditions and manner of performing Du`a.
Jihad in the Quran and Sunnah (1)
An understanding of the meaning and correct understanding of Jihad.
Friday Khutbahs (2)
A collection of khutbas - useful for admonition, teaching, and short lessons.

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