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Khushoo` and Beautification of the Prayer
  An Explanation of What should be Present in the Heart During every Pillar and Moment from the Actions of the Prayer
Source: Risaalah Ta’dheem Qadr is-Salaat (Eng. Trans. Abu `Iyad as-Salafi)
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And these are the aadhaan, purification, covering ones awrah, facing the qiblah, standing, the intention, the takbeer, seeking refuge, the basmalah, the recitation of Faatiha and another surah, the rukoo, sujood and tashahhud.

The Aadhaan

When you hear the call of aadhaan then make the terror of the call on the Day of Judgement present in your heart and prepare yourself externally and internally to respond and race towards it. Those who race to answer this call are the ones who will be called out with benevolence on the Day of Judgement. Remember also the description which Allaah Azzawajall has given to the Hypocrites when he said:

And when they stand for the prayer they stand without earnestness (lazy).

The description of the Believers is the opposite of that. They stand for the prayer whilst rejoicing and with eargerness and liveliness, turning themselves towards Allaah Azzawajall.

The Purification

When you purify yourself in your home which is the furthest place (from the place of prayer), then your clothes which is your nearest covering and then your skin which is your lowest and innermost covering do not forget to purify your heart with repentance, remorse, firm resolution not to return to sins, and avoiding injustices (to others). The purification of the inner self precedes the purification of the external form.

Covering One’s Awrah

It’s meaning is that you conceal the undesirable parts of the body from the creation. But bring to mind along with this the ugly traits and characteristics and the scandals of your inner self. Try to bring about modesty and feel shameful in front of Allaah Azzawajall from Whom no secret is hidden as it is not possible to cover it.

Facing the Qiblah

This is turning your face away from all other directions to the direction of the House of Allaah Azzawajall. Know that it is also obligatory to turn the heart away from all other things towards Allaah Azzawajall. Thus there occurs in one of the opening supplications of the prayer: "I have turned my face towards the One Who Created the heavens and the earth, sincerely." The purpose is the turning of the heart towards Allaah and its sincerity towards Him after the body has been made to face the House of Allaah.

The Standing

This is making the body and the heart stand erect, upright in front of Allaah Azzawajall. Bring to mind along with this the standing in front of Allaah on the Day of Judgement for questioning and try to feel and sense the Might of Allaah Azzawajall. Prepare yourself to stand in front of Him (in prayer) in such a way that it will lead you to safety on the Day of Judgement.

The Intentions

Fill your intention with sincerity to Allaah Azzawajall, hoping for His reward, fearing His punishment and loving His nearness. Train and nurture yourself to recall this sincere intention along with every speech and action and know that none will be saved on the Day of Judgement except the sincere ones. Every action which has a desire for other than Allaah is adulterated and obscured. Allaah Azzawajall said regarding this:

And We shall turn to whatever actions they did and make them into scattered dust.

The Takbeer

When you declare the takbeer with your tongue it is desirable that your heart does not treat it as having lied. If there is something in your heart which is greater than Allaah the Sublime or your hawaa (whim and desire) is greater to you than Allaah Azzawajall and you are more obedient to it than to Allaah the Exalted then you have taken it as a god and your will have declared its greatness. So your saying: Allaahu-Akbar will have been but a mere expression of the tongue and the heart will have refrained from supporting the tongue. If it had not been for repentance, seeking forgiveness and harbouring good thoughts about Allaah’s generosity and forgiveness this would have been one of the greatest dangers.

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