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  Purification Through Tawheed : Mankind's Greatest Need
Source: Al-Ibanah Magazine
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The second type: Then it is what is contained in Soorah al-Kaafiroon and contained in His - the Most High's - saying: "Say: O people of the Book! Come to a word that is just and fair between us and you, that we shall worship none but God and that we shall associate no partner along with Him, and that we shall not take others as lords besides God. Then if they turn away, say: Bear witness that we are Muslims."17 It is also contained at the beginning of Soorah Tanzeel and at the beginning, middle and end of Soorah al-Mu'min, and at the beginning and end of Soorah A'raaf and the greater part of Soorah An'aam. Indeed, every soorah (chapter) in the Qur'aan comprises these two types of Tawheed, witnesses to them and calls to them.

Since the Qur'aan either gives:

[i] information about Almighty God, His Names, His Attributes, His Actions and His Sayings - which is Tawheed fil-Ma'rifah wal-lthbaat (the Tawheed of Knowledge and Affirmation); or
[ii] it is a call to worship Almighty God alone without any partner, and a rejection of whatever is worshipped besides Him - and this is Tawheed al-lraadee at-Talabee (the Tawheed of Actions and Intentions); or
[iii] it is a command to obey Him and to comply with His orders and prohibitions - so this is from the rights of Tawheed and is a completion of it; or
[iv] it gives information about the people of Tawheed and how they were treated in this world and how they will be honoured in the Hereafter - and this is the reward for Tawheed; or
[v] it gives information about the people of Shirk (associating partners along with Almighty God) and the punishment they receive in this world and the torment they shall receive in the Hereafter - so this is the reward for those who abandon Tawheed."18

Tawheed - its Importance in the Qur'aan

Ibn Abil--'Izz - may God have mercy on him - said: "So the Qur'aan - all of it - is about Tawheed, its rights and its rewards; and about Shirk, its people and their punishments. Thus: "All praise belongs to God, Lord of the worlds."19 is Tawheed (of knowledge). "The Most Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy" is Tawheed (of knowledge). "The Master of the Day of Judgement" is also Tawheed (of knowledge). "You alone do we worship and You alone do we seek aid and assistance from" is Tawheed (of action) . "Guide us to the Straight Path" concerns Tawheed and asking for guidance to the path of the people of Tawheed, (which is): "The Path of those whom You have favoured." "Not of those who have earned Your anger, nor of those who have gone astray" - those who have separated themselves from Tawheed."20 So Almighty God begins this soorah by first informing us about Himself - the Most Perfect (i.e. Tawheed of knowledge). Then after having knowledge of Almighty God - the Most High - God orders us with the Tawheed of action: "You alone do we worship."

Likewise just as "the great Qu'aan opens with Tawheed it also I ends with it. So the Qur'aan opens with Soorah al-Faatihah: "All praise belongs to God, Lord of the Worlds" and the great Qur'aan ends with the Soorah: "Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of mankind".21"22

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