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The Khawarij
  The Khawarij are the Murji'ah
Author: Abdul Malik Ahmad Ibn al-Mubarak ar-Ramadani
Source: Madarik un-Nadhr (with additions. trans Abu Iyaad)
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THREE: Going back to the original discussion (in this treatise) I say: The angle and direction that the very first Murji’ah came from was their great veneration of iman and their belittlement of sin and disobedience (i.e. that they do not affect a persons iman) and they considered it unlikely or an exaggeration that a person’s iman could be destroyed by sins. Therefore, they stated, "No sin can harm in the presence of iman"! It was from this that there misguidance occurred.

As for these people of today, then their angle and direction is to venerate politics such that everyone who is with them in their movement then he is a person of loyalty. And if a person has understanding of the movement [its aims and means etc.] then no sin can affect a person, even if it is committing shirk with the Lord of all the worlds!!! Do you not see how their chiefs and main organisers fall into the greatest of sins and yet they do not move on account of shame (for the religion). Their shame is only for their party and their movement!! Do you not see how they become alarmed and shocked if Shaikh ‘Abdul-‘Aziz bin Baz and Shaikh al-Albani both say that going into a bloody battle with the Jews should be abandoned and instead attention should be given to strengthening the Muslims first [before engaging in a battle in which they would get slaughtered without any doubt]. And this is a fatwa from true and real mujtahidoon (i.e. those qualified to give verdicts on such affairs).

However, when one of their movement leaders makes a mistake, then it is an obligation within their movement to lower the eyes and not to notice it, regardless of how hideous and disgraceful it might be.

And how frequently do they give rulings regarding the shedding of blood and the taking of property and then proceed to shed it in vain. If they had actually reached the level of being students of knowledge, then this would be the best that could be thought of them.

Take this Ali bin Haj (Algeria) for example, he gives a verdict for the killing of thousands of Muslims and the expulsion of those that remain and also for the disturbance and frightening of secure townships (which are safe and sound). And likewise whatever he says in praise and commendation of democracy and other such things that we have just quoted from him. So along with all of this no one criticises him, in their view, except a (government) agent!!

And before him, Sayyid Qutb reviled and rebuked some of the Prophets of Allah the Most High, and also censured some of the Companions who had been guaranteed Paradise. He also considers that the shari’ah politics are embodied in Socialism. There are many other things which have been explained in detail by Shaikh Rabi’ al-Madkhali in his most recent books, and Shaikh al-Albani said about him, "Verily, the carrier of the flag of the science of criticism and appraisal today, in this era is our brother, Dr. Rabi’ and those who refute him do not refute him upon the basis of knowledge ever, and the knowledge is actually with him…". So this is a testimony for Shaikh Rabi’ from a specialist in the field itself![8]

Then comes along this Turabi with his claim of this so called Islamic State in Sudan and who organises conferences in order to unite all the religions, and in order to commend and praise the religion of the grave worshippers and also in order to erect a very large number of churches, which were not be found even in the secularist state before his time. [And who calls for free mixing between men and women in society, and seeks to repel and remove the prescribed punishments of the Shari’ah (hudud)].

And then there is the ease that they (the political activists) give to the Afghanis, such that they do not change anything from the religion of the grave worshippers and heresies. Rather, they fight against the People of Tawhid in defence of the Taaghoots (of these grave worshippers etc.)! And their plot and conspiracy against the leadership of Kunar al-Islaamiyyah is not distant in our memories!! And this town was the only in Afghanistan that was established upon Tawhid, and in which prayer was established in the best of manners and the hudood likewise. And there was no other town known for waging a war against intoxicants like this one. But then the state of the Ikhwan ul-Muslimoon came along, and it but left them enraged and mad, until they waged war against it and assassinated its amir, the Salafi Shaikh, Jameel ur-Rahmaan – may Allaah have mercy upon him. So they combined the greatest of sins absolutely, Shirk and the killing of a soul without due right.

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