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The Khawarij
  The Khawarij are the Murji'ah
Author: Abdul Malik Ahmad Ibn al-Mubarak ar-Ramadani
Source: Madarik un-Nadhr (with additions. trans Abu Iyaad)
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So there is all of this and much more and yet it does not harm their faith! And it does not cause their leadership to be lost! But rather, woe to the one who even thinks about criticising them, since he is reviling the corroborators of jihad. In fact, they have raised high their hopes – alongside these disgraces and innovations that reach the level of kufr – that the Islamic State that should be aspired to is the on that is in Afghanistan and Sudan!! As occurs in the cassette of Salman al-Awdah, "Why do they fear Islam". Yet the affair is not like that as Allaah the Most High has said:

It will not be in accordance with your desires (Muslims), nor those of the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians). Whosoever works evil, will have the recompense thereof, and he will not find any protector or helper besides Allâh. An-Nisa - 4:123

It is for this reason that some of the People of Knowledge have considered them to be amongst the Extreme Murji’ah, because the Murji’ah venerated Eemaan, and it is a pillar of the religion. But as for these, then they venerate a part of the many parts of the religion, which is Politics, alongside their knowledge that their form of politics is not exempt from being mixed with Socialism and Democracy. This is well known to whoever has come across the books of Sayyid Qutb and others similar to him. Rather, say in short, "This is the fiqh of the innovated [modernist] movement". The Murji’ah did not negate the harm caused to a person of faith due to shirk that he commits, they acknowledged that alongside kufr, no good deed can benefit. But as for these [contemporaries], then they intercede for the scholars, even if they spoke with clear and manifest kufr!!!

FOUR: This issue is followed by another issue in relation to the Murj’iah and that is their absence of clarifying the Sunnah to the people, and their abandonment of refuting the Innovators. Ibn Taymiyyah – may Allaah have mercy upon him – said, after speaking about the people of takfir:

"And in the face of those who perform takfir in falsehood are a people who do not know the aqidah of Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah as it truly should be known, or they know some of it but are ignorant of some of it. Yet whatever they do know of it, they do not always explain it to the people but conceal it[9]. And they do not forbid the innovations that oppose the Book and the Sunnah[10], nor do they rebuke the People of Innovations and neither do they punish them[11]. In fact, they may even criticise absolutely any talk of the Sunnah and the fundamental principles of the religion [i.e. Tawhid etc.][12]. Or they may accommodate everyone, with all their varying madhhabs[13]… This approach has overcome many of the Murji’ah, some of the Jurists, Sufis and Philosophers. And both of these two approaches (i.e. that of the Takfiris and the Murji’ah and those with them) are deviant, and outside the [confines of the] Book and the Sunnah." [14]

And no two people will differ with each other that this is one of the greatest of foundations that the religion of the political activists revolves around. And is there anyone to reject their [well known] principle, "Let us excuse each other in that which we differ and let us work together in that which we agree upon"!! And I have explained in a previous footnote – from the words of Hasan al-Banna – that they actually mean every type of difference, i.e. absolutely! They say this because if they began to reject and refute the People of Innovation, they would lose many of their followers, those whom they extend further in their misguidance.

But then they do not just limit this to the People of Innovation, rather they extend it to the People of Kufr. It has already preceded in the words of the Ikhwan ul-Muslimeen their satisfaction with being in brotherhood with the Christians, in fact even requesting this from the Christians, as I have quoted from the words of Hasan al-Banna and Qardawi who states that there is no dispute concerning the religion between us and the Jews!! Then what after this!!? [15]

So these are four principles in which they agree with the Murji’ah. So who amongst the people are more worthy of being described with Irja’?! Is not this saying true concerning them:


[1] And to give some illustrations of the methodology of the Khawarij in the words of the modern day political activists and reformers:

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